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44 to 45 …what I am doing?


It’s not that I am looking forward to turning 45 on the day I am turning 44, but yesterday I saw something new and realized that back in the day when I turned 12, my father said I needed to learn or see something new every day. He then told me I had to meet with him EVERY day to tell him what I learned. I was 12. I hated it. Today? I think fondly of it.

Our conversations took place sitting on a picnic bench at the grounds of Timber Lake Playhouse, just before dinner or just after one of the shows he was in that filled my summers from age 9 to age 16. The “what did you learn today” talks only lasted for 2 weeks (due to my agenda) , but honestly every time I learn something new to this day I remember that time, so, Mom & Dad, it worked!

Today is my birthday (well, the 10th was) and for the next year, every day, I vowed to learn something new every day and record it for my parents. A slight scare a few days back with my father (involving flight for life that resulted in TAKE YOUR HEART MEDICINE) got me thinking that at age 44, I still have both my parents in life. In the winter when they arrive as snowbirds here on Hilton Head Island, I still enjoy home cooked meals and good conversation on a REGULAR basis. When they believe it’s warm enough to return to Wisconsin, I still feel that little homesick pang of a place I once called home.

What qualifies “new” for the next year? I might be stretching “my learning something new topic” to include seeing something new – for it was seeing something new yesterday that hatched this idea (noticing drain holes on the bridge I have crossed nearly every day for the last 8 years – odd, I know, but everything goes!).

Every day? OK, I am really going to do/try this, BUT, I am going on a cruise some time in the next year and will be off-line for a week (and we all have to be on occasion!). I am already delayed by a day due to internet issues I experienced the night of my birthday, so ha – technical difficulties ALREADY! Story of my life!