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Ok, it’s Sunday! Just cooked dinner…finished dishes…steamed new shirts ;-)…

Dawn, Hydrogen Peroxide and some Baking Soda – yes the stuff that brings favorite clothes back from the brink of “house/project work clothes”. I did a rather deep search a while back about how to clean pit stains from dress shirts (ya, not anything earth-moving, but I wanted to keep my FAVORITE white shirt from like 1989). I had no luck. A second search from my phone today produced this: One Good Thing By Jillee. Huh. I tried it (trying to salvage not so old other dress shirts) and it was pretty stinkin’ cool. No more stains. Now, I have been using vinegar forever, but it doesn’t seem to get rid of ‘the spot’.

Apparently Dawn dish detergent is brilliant. Dave just got new eye glasses and the person that assisted with fitting the glasses said to just wash them in Dawn. According to Dave – it’s the miracle soap of all – and it HAS to be the foaming stuff.

So, my kudos to Jillee and where-ever she got it from. I am glad she tried it and I can second, third…it. 1tsp Dawn, 3 tblsp Hydrogen Peroxide, some baking soda – tried it on navy shirt – worked like a charm. I also am looking over Jillee’s webiste – good stuff.  I might need to have her teach me a thing or two over the next year – so I will close browser for now and return another day in case the world hasn’t offered up something new on it’s own – I can go back and investigate things like: “How to clean your bathroom like a Pro” .