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1000 Layer Bread – or Paratha (best I can gather, they are same?)

I have known of this brilliant form of bread since the Burmese restaurant on Hilton Head opened and sadly closed. It was incredibly great food (just thinking it was in a off-the-way location which may have led to its demise). I didn’t know how much I would miss it, nor didn’t realize it’s not an easy Google recipe search. Tonight, I learned to make it – well. I learned how to start the long process of figuring out how to get that amazing thing back in my life.

I was holding out for the owners of the closed Burmese place to reappear with their array of prepared recipes, but not sure that’s going to happen. Ever since the Fess Hotel in Madison closed and took away the Cheese Fondu delicacy, I keep thinking a great cookbook would be to publish the favorites of closed restaurants. It would be very specific to the city AND one would need to be part of the population that doesn’t MOVE out of said city to remember the specials (;-)).  Also, closed restaurants? If they were good, why close? Anyway…I still pine over the gumbo at the old Da Cajun Way that was on Monroe St in Madison…huh.

So Paratha. Last night’s attempt was NO WHERE near what I had enjoyed soaking up curry, but there is something to be said about just mixing a little flour, milk and butter together and heat over a cast iron pan (sorry Mom and Dad, when you return, I will not be bringing the cast iron skillet back to your kitchen). It was good, kinda got some layering – but needs to be softer, almost greasier…

I found more tips and will continue my quest for making this crazy good bread. After my first attempt though, it’s not so much that there is a recipe – what I learned that it’s more of a method. No wonder why a search pulls up no real recipe – its just flour, butter and water/milk, it’s the METHOD and tweaking the ingredients that will probably yield the good stuff.


My links from my research process:

13 min video on Paratha showed the methodology that one just cannot read!

Picture Illustrations – nice little blog, BIG pictures and great commentary

Making Dough – here’s where the illustration suggests using yogurt and milk to SOFTEN the bread / kneading will soften the dough too. You’d have to click on folding methods for Paratha to make that style of bread.